Just Cause 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)

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Manufacturer: Square Enix
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  • Multi-point vehicle movement: Every vehicle has multiple points inside and out to move between in real-time, not cut scenes, jumping between multiple positions on a single vehicle or to other vehicles┬┐ with over 100 vehicles
  • Air, land, water and underwater: Just Cause 2 delivers action everywhere from 500 feet above to 50 feet below through jungles, snowy mountainside, deserts, cities and more, with over 600 square miles to explore and destroy.
  • Nearly endless and open-ended game-play: From deep missions to small jobs, to free exploration, players follow the route they want when they want.
  • Grapple nearly everything within 200 feet, including enemies. Progressive destruction - vehicles, building, enemies, and landscape. Pull off amazing stunts with Rico's re-designed parachute.
  • Weapons galore: Single and dual handed weapons, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, explosives, and vehicle mounted weapons.

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