Rox Ice Ball Maker - 4 x 4.5 cm 4 Sphere Mold Ice Cube Tray. Ice Press Alternative (single pack) (Kitchen)

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Manufacturer: Rox
Model: COMINHKPR29290
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  • Say Goodbye to Watered Down Drinks with Slow-Melt Ice Cube Technology: Ice ball mold creates 4 perfect ice cube spheres at 4.5 cm each; the ideal size for the whiskey lover, scotch connoisseur
  • Mesmerizing Party Showstopper: Bubbles create a sparkling sphere effect, adding a touch of class. Perfect ice breaker and conversation starter. Make sure to order plenty for everyone, all night!
  • Fast-Freeze Design Creates Desirable 3D Sphere that Fits! Perfectly large to support hours of drink savoring yet small enough to freeze in a fraction of the time and fit nearly any glass you choose
  • EXCLUSIVE No Spill, No Nipple Design: Superior food grade BPA silicone ice cube tray designed with opti-smart fill-line to create smooth top 'no nipple' domes every time. Seals for no-spills!
  • Easiest to Remove. Dishwasher Safe Ice Cube Track Boasts Full 2 Year Guarantee: Unlike plastic molds, ROX Dishwasher Safe Silicone Ice Ball Maker easily release perfectly shaped ice cube spheres

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