Amco Rub-A-Way Bar, Stainless Steel (Kitchen)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Amco
Model: 8402
List Price: $7.50
Min: $5.76   (24 Jun 12:13)
Max: $12.45   (09 Dec 20:42)
Sales Rank: 531
Changes: 1076


  • Rubbing the bar removes any odor from your hands
  • Great for use after working with onions, fish, or garlic
  • To use, simply rub between your hand as you would with a real bar of soap; for use with or without water
  • Great stocking stuffer for avid cooks
  • Dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up

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Created: 27 May 22:29
Updated: 26 Jul 07:31