Care Touch Multi Colored Twist Top Lancets 30 Gauge, 300 Lancets (Health and Beauty)

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  • MULTI COLORED - Why not make blood testing more fun? Great for kids to help ease the discomfort by making it more exciting. Compares to Microlet Lancets
  • TRI-BEVELED TIP - The lancets triple sharpened needles, minimizes skin trauma and discomfort
  • GAMMA STERILIZED - The Care Touch Lancets are gamma sterilized for a long shelf life
  • PAIR WITH CARE TOUCH LANCING DEVICE - Our lancing device is a best seller. It has 10 depths to choose from and is good for finger and alternate site testing. These lancets are compatible with most lancing devices. It is generic for Microlet Lancets
  • CARE TOUCH DIABETIC SUPPLIES - Check out our alcohol pads, pen needles, testing kits and more for all your diabetic supplies.

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