Earth Rated 300-Count Dog Waste Bags, Lavender-Scented Poop Bags on a Single Roll for Pantries (not on small rolls) (Misc.)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Earth Rated / Eco Group
Model: BIO300
List Price: $10.99
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Max: $10.99   (20 Apr 21:30)
ASIN: B007D17A52
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  • Bags measure 8 x 13 inches
  • Lavender-scented
  • 300 bags on a single roll
  • Tissue-style dispensing format
  • Fits outdoor waste stations found in parks
  • Bulk format offers higher value per bag
  • 300 bags on a single roll with dispensing box
  • Ultra Long 8 x 13 inches, so you or your sleeve never make unwanted contact
  • Fits standard outdoor dispensers
  • Scented with lavender so you won't mind holding on until you properly dispose it

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Created: 20 Apr 21:30
Updated: 26 Jul 12:59