PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat. Large 35 x 24". [You can have confidence in our reviews. We do NOT buy 'unverified' reviews] (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: PetFusion
Model: PF-LM2
List Price: $29.95
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  • SAFE & COMFY FOR YOUR CAT: (i) PVC material without phthalates and vinyl chloride. (ii) Soft to encourage your cat to relax its paws and release trapped litter (no longer jumping over the mat)
  • GREAT AT TRAPPING LITTER: (i) Litter held in place by small grooves. (ii) Outer channel catches litter that tries to escape
  • SUPER EASY TO CLEAN w/ FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: (i) Broom, vacuum w/ attachment or hand-held, sponge. Litter remains on surface recesses but unlike other mats, no longer trapped from view or reach (growing mildew). (ii) Material is closed pore to resist moisture absorption
  • GREAT VALUE: (i) 35 x 24 inches. (ii) Simply fold and pour clean litter back into box. (iii) Durable to prevent sliding and flexible to fit in tight spaces, including closets or small bathrooms.
  • YOU CAN TRUST US: (i) Unlike many other mats, WE REFUSE TO BUY 'UNVERIFIED' REVIEWS in exchange for highly discounted or no-cost products. (ii) If your cat scratches softer materials or carpets, we recommend our ToughGrip litter mat made of FDA grade silicone

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