Taousa 70018 Airgun PCP Pump High Pressure Hand Pump Diving Cylinder Pump, Up to 4500 psi (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: TaoUSA
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  • 3-stage pump designed for PCP airguns, pistols, rifles, etc. Equipped with 8mm female quick connector. Some assembly required. Product pictures are for reference only, actual decor may be different. Extra o-rings have been discontinued since the promotion has ended. Ship to US only.
  • Lifetime warranty for the PCP pump for the original owner covers any defect in material or workmanship during manufacturing. This warranty does not cover accessories, paint finishes or general wear and tear of the pump.
  • Accessories included are the same as those come with other major brand pumps. Special adapters (not included) are needed if the adapter on the pump doesn't fit your air rifle. The buyer is responsible to find and purchase the necessary adapters.
  • Silicone oil inside the gauge is to protect the gauge from bursting during transportation. We suggest let the oil out in daily use. Please contact TaoUSA if help is needed.
  • Max pressure: 4500psi /310bar. For safety, use the correct pressure rated for your device only. Not commended for dealing with food or drinking water. Scroll down for warranty condition, more details and notes.

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