Chrome Plated Metal Non-Slip Open Ended Hangers with Sure-Grip Coating for Pants, Jeans, Slacks, Towels, Scarfs, Clothing for Closet Space Saving, Bedroom Hooks (12 Pack) by Super Z Outlet (Kitchen)

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Manufacturer: Super Z Outlet
Model: Z04-010
List Price: $6.99
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  • Each hanger is made out of a chrome plated metal material and is coated with a sure-grip coating so you can rest assured your clothing will not be falling off when putting clothes away.
  • Each hanger measures approximately 13" inches wide with a height of 5.5" from top of hook to bottom.
  • Easily slide on any pair of jeans or slacks through the open end for quick and easy hanging!
  • Comes in a a total of 12 metal open ended hangers. All equipped with a sure-crip coating to make sure your clothing stays in place.
  • Manufacturer's warranty included only when purchased from Super Z Outlet.

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Updated: 26 Jul 12:04