Solarmks Solar Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lamp with 4 LED UV Bulbs,Wireless Security Outdoor Insect Killer Lamp, Solar Garden Lights ()

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Manufacturer: Solarmks
Model: MW-0104
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  • UV LED: The mosquito killer Features UV Light technology, violet color is not only designed for a beautiful color display, but also the most effective color to lure the mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Safety To Use: To prevent damages from direct touch, the light is cover by Plastic double-layer reticulated shell structure.
  • Easy To Install: It only to took you 5 min to stick them into the ground or mount on the wall.
  • Duo Charging Mode: Expose the solar panel to the sunlight /charging through the USB port.
  • Simple To Clean: Turn off the switch and wait for 15 minutes, Use a brush to clean the the dead insects out.

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Created: 08 Apr 10:12
Updated: 26 Jul 12:12