YUYIKES 40mm Diamond Shape Crystal Glass Cabinet Knobs Transparency 12 Pack for Drawer, Chest, Bin, Dresser, Cupboard (12 pcs of transparency) ()

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Manufacturer: YUYIKES
Model: HGOT0341
List Price: $14.99
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  • Easy to install and has a gorgeous design.
  • Use high quality crystal glass with a nice weight on it which makes it strong and highly durable
  • A package of 12 crystal knobs,-Suitable for doors for any purpose such as the drawer door,wardrobe door,cabinet door,cupboard door,etc.
  • The crystal knob shines in the light and reflects various kinds of brilliant colors, which refreshes the whole room and makes the room elegant.
  • Wonderful feel in the hand: The crystal knob touches comfortable and has a perfect texture.

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Created: 07 Apr 10:14
Updated: 26 Jul 12:11