Norpro Replacement Filters for Stainless Steel Compost Keeper, 2 Pieces (Kitchen)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Norpro
Model: 94F
List Price: $5.99
Min: $5.59   (17 Jun 07:39)
Max: $10.99   (09 Jun 02:06)
ASIN: B0009SVZ70
Sales Rank: 21354
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  • Measures: Round filter: 6.5"/16.5cm. Square filter: 4.75"/12cm
  • Filters help absorb odors that compost pails produce.
  • Made as replacement filters for Norpro's stainless steel compost keeper, item #94 & #95.
  • Filters should be changed approximately every 6 months, depending on use, heat and humidity. Do not wash and reuse filters.
  • To replace filters: just pull old filters out and toss. Inside replacement packet are two filters: one square filter and one round filter. Insert the square filter first. Just push it into the lid next to the holes in the lid, using your hands. Insert the round filter second. It goes in the other part of the lid and does not touch the other filter. Just work it in with your hands.

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Created: 07 Apr 10:14
Updated: 26 Jul 07:33