EDC Toy Anti-Anxiety Hand Spinner - Stress Reducer Relieves Toy - For Wisdom and Attitude people (Black) (Misc.)

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  • ♥MATERIAL: Ultra-durable ABS plastic Body (Non-3D Printed), professional inline skate 608 bearing with Premium Ceramic balls. 4 parts of bearing and 5 parts of ABS plastic achieve a multicolor Spinner, it is gorgeous when it spinning, and the peculiar is you can see different rotation effect through the phone camera, try it!
  • ♥LONG SPIN TIME: Every Hand spinner was tested by Timer. Depending on the strength of your rotation, the spin time will remain between 1 minute and 4 minutes. And the longer you use it, the longer it spins.
  • ♥FAR AWAY FROM ANXIETY: Never let life's stress, anxiety or distressing thoughts run you down. Enjoy a much easier time when waiting in the line to see a doctor, or when waiting out in any other anxiety-eliciting location. This is a great anxiety-fighting accessory for fidgeters. Keep your calm regardless your circumstance or immediate environment
  • ♥HOW TO PLAY: Let it spin on your finger or on the table. Pinch the central position of spinner with thumb and index finger, then use the another hand to spin it rapidly. When you are skilled on it, you can try spin it with one hand, use ring finger to spin it instead of another hand. You can also hold down the central position of spinner on the table, then use the another hand to spin it rapidly.
  • ♥EVERY DAY CARRY: EDC toy, eliminate stress and enjoy the occasional pass-time spin fun. build your concentration, put stress and anxiety at bay, or just enjoy some fun play time by unleashing your helpful pocket buddy!

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