USCAMEL Folding Pocket Binoculars Compact Travel Mini Telescope HD Bak4 Optics Lenes Easy Focus 8x21 Colour Black (Electronics)

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Manufacturer: USCAMEL
Model: UW011-A
List Price: $64.57
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  • power magnification. Lightweight and fits in your pocket. High quality optics with anti-glare.
  • Perfect for sports, wildlife, concerts, birdwatching or travel. Adjustable width for different size faces.
  • Despite the budget price tag these binoculars feature high quality optics and have a robust build.
  • They come in a decent printed box, making them perfect for gifts. They have fantastic, quick and easy focusing.
  • Excellent quality and clarity of vision for such a low price.100% money back warranty.

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Created: 05 Apr 12:13
Updated: 26 Jul 00:33