Weize Safety Earmuff Shooters Hearing Protection Foldable Ear Defenders Noise Reduction Head Band Ear Cups for Hunting Mowing Drilling(Certified S3.19 & EN352) (Misc.)

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  • The Noise Reduction Rating(NRR) of ear muffs is up to 34dB (26db average), very effective in ear protection when using a lawn mower or other loud environments,like shooting, hunting mowing and drilling etc.
  • Adjustable for extended use. Adjustable headband and swivel ear cups snugly cradles. Easy to put away, one size fit all
  • Comfortable. The headband has lots of cushion on the bottom, so it fits well without pinching your head. Both ear pieces have cushion all the way around them to help block out the noise, and the cushion makes them very comfortable to wear
  • Certified ANSI S3.19 & CE EN521 Noise Reduction Safety Hearing Protection Earmuffs.
  • Lightweight Dura-Design keeps ears cool, reduces neck strain. Won't break. Ear defenders is well packaged in box and comes with a carrying travel bag, and they are foldable so it's easy to store away when not using them

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