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Blackhead Clear Mask, Removes Blackheads Peel off Mask,Blackhead Remover Mask,Blackhead Exfoliators Remover Clear Mask Purifying Black Acne Face Mask (Misc.)

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  • ◇ Help deal with blocked pores or blackheads. Can be used before facial scrub or exfoliator as a face cleanser. Use moisturizer afterwards.Mild blackheads, once a week, moderate blackhead, twice weekly, severe blackheads, 2-3 times a week.
  • ◇Naturally softens and moisturizes, so it dramatically improves the appearance and health of your skin leaving it more tone, even in texture, and clearer.Your skin will feel clean and refreshed!
  • ◇Product is not suitable for sensitive skin and recommended that customers use the item on the hands or ears then to use on the face.If there is any discomfort, stop using
  • ◇We believe that our black remover Mask is so good that if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your entire purchase.

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