BOND MASCULINE WASH Men's hygiene care products 2.5 Fl. Oz. (75mL) Cool & Refreshing Intimate wash (Menthol Cooler-Blue) (Misc.)

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  • #1 HIGHEST RATED MEN'S INTIMATE WASH. BOND MENTHOL COOLER is specially formulated to keep the boy balanced while getting rid of bacteria. Recommended by dermatologists. Our wash is pH-balanced to keep penis healthy. Made with finest ingredients, this wash meets male' unique hygienic needs, fighting odor-causing bacteria and infection.
  • THE EXTREMELY MILD, soap-free wash with the same pH as your sensitive skin is specially made for men's private region. It is superior to regular soaps and shower gels.
  • FRESH & COOL reduces itchiness and discomfort from perspiration, and leave a cool refreshing sensation after use. Also, reduce soreness from the use of regular soap.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR Sportsmen, those who are particular about their intimate hygiene and confidence, and/or uncircumcised men. Also for washing off residuals left behind from condoms and lubricants. Apply to the intimate area, massage (feel the cool refreshing sensation), and then rinse away with water. Gentle enough for daily use. Use daily for a healthy intimate part.
  • LOVE IT OR 100% RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND; we are the only distributor in the U.S. and take full responsibility for each product we offer.

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