Matcha Green Tea Powder. Powerful Antioxidant- Japanese Green Tea. USDA Organic- Premium Culinary Grade (30g). Best for Baking, Smoothies, Lattes, Ice Teas & More. Perfect Dietary Supplement! (Misc.)

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  • ✔ NATURAL SUPER-FOOD FOR BODY, MIND, & SOUL:- Best source of Powerful Antioxidant (EGCG), Amino Acid (L-Theanine) and many elements that vitalize our body and mind. Ancient Secret of Good Health, Beauty and longevity. Cholesterol & sugar free!
  • ✔ CERTIFIED PUREST NATURAL QUALITY:- Shade-grown, hand processed and stone grounded with utmost care and dedication! 100% Organic USDA & JONA Certified. Comes in BPA-free packaging with a resealable zipper pouch. Each package is nitrogen-flushed to ensure maximize freshness and
  • ✔ Detoxifies the Body, Boosts Immune System, Promotes Weight Loss By Boosting Fat Metabolism, Lowering Cholesterol & More.
  • ✔ Vegan Super Food & Dietary Supplement. Boosts Daily Focus, Increases Energy, Relieves Stress Naturally. Helps to Prevent Disease And Reduce Skin Aging. Perfect for preparing your favorite drinks or deserts like; Smoothies, Cakes, Lattes, Iced Teas & more.
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION OR, YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE :- You are making a intelligent decision doing business with our company. We know you're a big deal, and we'll only provide you with the finest product and service around, or your money back! Add your Matcha Tea to your cart and experience the EARTH customer experience phenomenon!

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