Meat Tenderizer Needle with Cleaning Brush, SATU BROWN Professional Cookware 56 Stainless Steel Blades kitchen gadget Tenderizing Steak Chicken Beef ()

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Manufacturer: Satu Brown
Model: satu3001
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  • 【A Great Kitchen Tool to Make Your Meat Tender and Softer】: Using the meat tenderizer rapidly breaks down meat fibers with the 56 sharp blades, allows marinades to infuse meat slowly and assures even heat distribution. Cooking/grilling is even which reduces meat shrinkage. Definitely turns your dry and thick meat into mouthwatering, tender and juicy piece.
  • 【Safe Lock Mechanical Design】: Your safety is our priority. Compared with other brands on Amazon, our meat tenderizer is designed with a safety lock switch. UNLOCK it when you use the tenderizer. The sharpe blades will make quick and deep penetration through your meat and allow marinades to infuse meat better. When you store the tenderizer, please LOCK it to prevent the blades coming out in case of accidental punching from kids. It will not hurt you even if a baby touchs it.
  • 【Strong and Sharp Blades】: This Stainless Steel Manual meat tenderizer has 56 sharp blades that make short work of even tough cuts of steak, roast, pork chop, or other meats. It requires much less effort than a traditional hammer-style unit. The meat tenderizer tool can penetrate all types of meat - poultry - fish.
  • 【Easy to Use and Clean】: Compared with other brands, our meat tenderizer comes with a small brush to clean with. It is also dishwasher safe. Also comes with a case to stick on the bottom to keep the blades and you safe.
  • 【BPA-Free, FDA Approved!】: Fits comfortably in palm. A nice gift to those who love steak!

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