Meguiar's G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher Odor Eliminator (New Car Scent) - 2 oz. (Automotive)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Meguiar's
Model: G16402
List Price: $8.25
Min: $5.47   (28 Mar 05:37)
Max: $5.99   (20 Jun 00:55)
Sales Rank: 401
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  • Permanently eliminates odors on a molecular level
  • Simple one time use Aerosol refreshes every area of your car
  • Leaves a pleasant new car scent behind
  • Aerosol mist moves through the ventilation system, across the headliner and in-between all other hard to reach areas, eliminating odors and leaving a fresh scent in its place
  • Permanently removes smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, work-out gear, and more

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Created: 28 Mar 05:37
Updated: 26 Jul 01:04