ihoven Dog Bath Shower Head Spray Bathing Tub Pet Grooming Brush Cat Nail Clipper Cordless Rechargeable Electric Low Noise Pet Grooming Clippers Kit for Dogs and Cats (Bath Shower - $19.99) (Misc.)

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  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS - A creative multi-functional pet shower bathing Tool, it integrates bath, massage and shampoo together, easily and quickly dealing with the trouble of pet bathing, provides gentle massage and makes your pet bathing enjoyable, help clean pet's skin thoroughly and keep the hair tidily.
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN - Allows single hand operation. The shower head is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand. There are equipped with shampoo storage container and water lock button, so you could easily control its multifunction and perform all bathing actions just with one hand.
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES - Comes with 4 hose adapters to fit most faucets, suitable for both indoor & outdoor use´╝îmakes the shower can be taken in bathroom, kitchen, garden, everywhere if only you have running water.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Statistics shows that when bath the same dog, using our pet shower will effectively save 50% water and 40% shampoo and half of the usual time.
  • REFUND&WARRANTY - You will enjoy 1 month refund for any defects of the item and 24 months warranty.

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