Verbatim 4.7GB up to16x Branded Recordable Disc DVD+R - 50 Disc Spindle 95037 (Electronics)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Verbatim
Model: 95037
List Price: $18.25
Min: $7.49   (16 Jan 02:04)
Max: $20.46   (05 Oct 09:46)
ASIN: B00081A2KE
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Changes: 703


  • Compatible with 1X-16X DVD+R Hardware;
  • Record 4.7GB or 120Min of data and video in approximately 5 minutes;
  • Advanced AZO recording dye optimizes read/write performance;
  • Ideal for recording up to 2 hours of DVD quality home movies and video clips;
  • Archive and back up, up to 4.7GB of important data;
  • Records at 16X speed and at all lower speeds
  • Compatible with 16X DVD+R drives from Sony, Dell, HP, Pioneer and others. Read compatible with vast majority of DVD-ROM drives and video players.
  • Highest quality manufacturing. Brand of choice for OEM's, medical grade, large corporate data centers
  • Rugged, reusable "cake box" spindle to protect from dust and damage for long term storage.
  • No hassle Limited Lifetime warranty. Toll free 1-800 Technical Support Line.

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Created: 12 Apr 13:45
Updated: 26 Jul 07:33