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UniquExceptional UDC4silver Fake Security Camera with 30 Illuminating LEDs (Silver) (Electronics)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Blue Ty
Model: UDC4Silver
List Price: $18.95
Min: $10.88   (18 Sep 18:12)
Max: $18.95   (21 Mar 21:15)
ASIN: B004D8NZ52
Sales Rank: 53
Changes: 275


  • Updated Model - 30 Fake Infra Red Night Vision LEDs that stay illuminated during darkness
  • *Updated Model - Batteries now last 9-12 months! Power requires: 2 x AA batteries (Not Included).
  • Can be used Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Dimensions of the camera are 5 one half inches x 3 inches x 2 and one half inches (without rain shield). With the rain shield the dimensions increase to 7 x 3 x 3 inches.
  • Each camera includes the security sticker shown.

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Created: 21 Mar 21:15
Updated: 23 Jul 01:57