TSSS RGBW Pattern Stage Light 64Leds Auto and Voice-activated Moonflower Projector Lighting for DJ Party Wedding Events Club (Electronics)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Shenzhen XPT Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: XL94
List Price: $24.99
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Max: $29.99   (21 Apr 02:58)
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  • Unique appearance ,looks like a cool small Airship.
  • Led Moonflower Effect with very thick Red, Green, Blue, White 4-color Light Beams.
  • Built-In Light Show Programs - Wide beam spread covers a large area
  • Strobe and pattern rotation with sound activation and auto-run modes.
  • Idea for Pub, Club, Do ,Show, Disco, Bar, Home party, Ballroom, Bands and etc.

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Created: 21 Apr 04:15
Updated: 26 Jul 12:36