GE Grounded Adapter-Spaced 6-Outlet Tap, 50759 (Tools & Home Improvement)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: GE
Model: 50759
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  • 6 Outlets
  • 3 Transformer-spaced Outlets
  • Transformer Ready
  • Ideal For Home Offices; Home Theaters
  • Designed To Cover Only An Existing Grounding Duplex Wall Outlet
  • Easy-to-install six-outlet tap coverts two grounded outlets into six
  • Unique, space-saving design accepts three adapters and three standard plugs
  • Completely covers existing wallplate for a seamless look
  • Features temporary (using existing wall plate) and permanent (removing existing wall plate) installation
  • Designed to cover only an existing grounding "duplex" (two three-prong outlets)wall outlet with a wall plate no larger than 2.75 inches x 4.5 inches

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Created: 08 Feb 08:15
Updated: 26 Jul 07:33