Wagan 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter (Misc.)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: WAGAN TECH
Model: EL9903
List Price: $15.68
Min: $9.45   (09 May 01:44)
Max: $29.95   (30 Jul 17:21)
Sales Rank: 282
Changes: 562


  • Powers Car Appliances & Accessories At Home, Office Or Hotel
  • Allows High-power 12v Dc Items To Operate On 110v Ac Power
  • Easy Plug-in Use & Vented For Safety
  • Allows high power 12V DC items to operate on 110v AC power.
  • Easy plug in use and vented for safety.
  • Works on portable cooler/warmers, heated seat cushion and other DC appliances
  • Simple to use

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Created: 03 Oct 18:14
Updated: 26 Jul 07:28