GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer (Lawn & Patio)

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Price: $46.48
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Product Information

Manufacturer: GreenWorks
Model: 21212
List Price: $49.99
Min: $24.00   (28 Feb 14:22)
Max: $46.48   (24 Jul 19:14)
Sales Rank: 10256
Changes: 328


  • Lightweight, easy to use design, only 5.2 lbs. Please adhere to the power cord chart found in the operator manual.
  • 13-inch cut path with .065 dual line auto-feed and adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Electric start gets you going within seconds, no gas hassle
  • Trimmer of choice for small to medium size yards. Power cord not included.
  • Compatible GreenWorks Replacement Spool, Model 29082. Watch the video on detail page to help you use and set up the trimmer.

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Created: 14 May 14:53
Updated: 26 Jul 13:12