Garden Mile® Indoor Or Outdoor Adjustable Free Standing Basketball Netball Hoop Basketball Stand Mini Basketball Board For Office/Pub Game Children Kids Ball Game (Toy)

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Manufacturer: Garden Mile®
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  • KIDS BASKETBALL SET - This Fantastic Kids Basketball Set Is A Great Toy For Your Children To Develop There Skills. Easy To Install And Fully Height Adjustable Making It Great For Adults And Children Alike.
  • GREAT FOR AIMING SKILLS - With a colorful solid basket board, it is good to draw you child's attention and improve their physical skills. Suitable for helping children develop the body coordination and balance ability.
  • EASY TO BUILD - Made From Strong ABS Material The Set Includes Everything You Need To Build And Play, With Easy Slot Together Parts You Will Be Teaching Your Kids How To Shoot Hoops In No Time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FULLY PORTABLE - This Basketball Set Is Made From Tough Lightweight ABS Material And Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors All You Need Is A Little Sand Or Water In The Base For Stability And Away You Go. Dismantles Quickly And Fits Perfectly Into Storage Box Which Has A Convieneant Carry Handle.
  • DIMENSIONS - Max height: 1100mm Length of each pipe: 230mm Diameter of the ball: 110mm

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