Best Herb Grinder Weed Tobacco Marijuana Cannabis Accessories with Pollen/Kief Catcher and Pollen Scraper for Smoking Vaporizer Men Large/Giant 2.5" Inch 4 Pieces/Parts, Premium Grade Aluminum Black ()

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Manufacturer: Gears Store
Model: COMINHKPR135811
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  • ✔️ PERFECT METAL GRINDER: No plastic or zinc can be found and this is good grinder about QUALITY and DESIGN. Only ALUMINUM for the MAXIMAL DURABILITY -super grinder. The CNC machining makes every piece fit perfectly while screwing, and thin Poly O-Ring ensures smooth grinding and prevents metal-on-metal contact and residue build-up.
  • ✔️ CRUSHER GRINDER: SHARP DIAMOND CUTTING TEETH for ultimate grinding experience and effortless shredding and keep FRESH herbs. MAGNETIC Lid holds the lid and the top chamber together. The force created is strong to keep parts tightly. 100-MICRON MESH SCREEN made of STAINLESS STEEL for separating fine pollen from the herbs. Precisely sized holes ensure only herb ground to the proper size passes through allows you to collect all keef of the herbs. Cool and fun grinder for everyone!
  • ✔️ BIG SET/ COMBO GRINDER: with diameter 63mm. And have a small broom to help clean up the chamber and tooth is simple. This useful accessory adds extra value for our grinder.
  • ✔️ KUSH MILL DRY GRINDER: Ready to take the show on the road? Remove the clear center chamber and use your grinder as a compact 3piece POCKET grinder, small and ready to roll. Bud grinder use for vapor (vape, vaporizer,...), bongs, pipe, raw,...
  • ✔️ WARRANTY: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We Offer A LIFETIME Warranty On Our Grinders. We stand behind every product we sell. We Love Our Customers. No Hassles, No Problems! Your satisfaction is our top priority! We won't rest until you are completely satisfied.

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