ZOREYA 15 Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set with Luxury Makeup Brushes and Leather Brush Holder Case (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: ZOREYA
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  • ★WHY ZOREYA- at Zoreya Cosmetics, we are determined to serve our customers with only high quality products, as for the price, we don't want you to spend too much. Our brushes are designed by a team of individuals that cares about our customer's needs. And we want everyone using our brushes to look fabulous.
  • ★YOU WILL BE SURPRISED- when you see this price, you're probably wondering if it's true that a high quality brush can be sold for this price, well, you'll be shocked, because we only care about our Customers, you won't regret trying this, it's pretty much Risk Free, because we will give your money back if you don't like it!
  • ★WHATS IN THIS SET? - The best brushes with a wide range tools to highlight your best features. You want to make sure the other lady walking pass you sees your fabulous makeup look applied by our top notch makeup brushes.
  • ★PREMIUM QUALITY SYNTHETIC FIBER- Ever use brushes that sheds all the time, rough on the face, and just doesn't work well? You no long have to worry about those problems anymore. This makeup brush set uses the industry's best quality fiber hair, compacted and useful. Don't let your money go to waste anymore.
  • ★100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED- Feel safe purchasing our product. Because we care.

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