Hoont Powerful Electronic Outdoor/Indoor Animal, Rodent and Pest Repeller - Motion Activated [UPGRADED VERSION] ()

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  • ELIMINATE PEST PROBLEMS - Effectively and permanently eliminate pest problems with this aggressive ultrasonic/sonic flashing light animal repeller. Select your mode of ultrasonic, sonic and strobe flashing. Get rid of Deers, Birds (Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Seagulls, etc.), Cats, Dogs, Bears, Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks, Bats, Rats, Foxes, Raccoons, Mice and much more.
  • HOW IT WORKS - The Hoont™ Electronic Animal Repeller blasts a range of powerful ultrasonic sound, audible sound, and flashing LED strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of outdoor pests. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, the pest repeller has an optional mode of activating when it senses motion, or it can run continuously. This newly upgraded powerful version features enhanced power and effectiveness that will expel even the most aggressive animals from your property.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply take it out of the box, plug it in and select your desired mode. Adapter is included. Can also be operated with a 9-Volt battery (Not included). / Package includes an aluminum stake for optional sticking into the ground.
  • HUMANE & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - No messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no dead animals. The Hoont™ gets rid of all animal and pest through emitting a mixture of ultrasonic, sonic and powerful flashing LED strobe lights, frightening the pests/animals to leave the area.
  • WEATHERPROOF & WATER-RESISTANT - Perfect for yards, patios, basements, garages, attics, porches, boats, gardens, Farms, ponds, etc. / COVERAGE AREA: Up to 5000 Sq. Ft. (PIR Motion sensor: Up to 800 Sq. Ft.)

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