VOLADOR Motion Activated Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Wild Animal and Pest Deterrent Scare Away Dog, Cat, Squirrel, Rat, Vole, Raccoon, Fox, Rodent, etc (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: Volador Technology Co.,Ltd
Model: VD-AN-B030
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  • REPEL WILD ANIMALS & PESTS HUMANELY: Volador animal repeller expel pests and aggressive animals in a humane way. No more traps, no more chemicals or pesticides, no more dead animals. Great to frighten squirrel, dog, cat, rat, vole, skunk, raccoon, fox, rodent and other pests from your property.
  • HOW TO WORK: The pest repeller will be activated when animals enter protective range, It will trigger powerful ultrasonic wave and strong LED flashing light to frighten unpleasant intruders. Motion detection range up to 30 feet (depends on different sizes animals ).
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Fix the spike stake on the unit, Plant the unit into the ground at the place that seems more favorable. The back of device has a hang hole, you can hang up the device to the place that you want to frighten animals.
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN: Features solid construction and waterproof design. It can be left out in any weather conditions. Perfect to protect your farm, garden, yard, lawn, patio, garage from unwanted animals and pests.
  • SOLAR POWERED: With a solar panel on the top of the device to recharge batteries(including 3 x AA batteries). It also can be charged with the USB cable supplied. NOTE: Please repeat the charging and discharging process for 2 times to activate the batteries.

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Updated: 26 Jul 12:09