Bare Ware Three Layer Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set - Eco Friendly Food Container Bento with Tray - For Adults and Kids (Kitchen)

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Manufacturer: Bare Ware
Model: COMIN16JU048306
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  • 100% STAINLESS STEEL - This bento is made from high quality food grade stainless steel. Since there is no plastic it has the benefit of being BPA free, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals. This product can be washed in the dishwasher and leaves none of the food stains that plastic containers often get. This durable bento is the perfect size to fit in your backpack or purse and durable enough to keep up with your busy lifestyle.
  • PART OF A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - The food container allows you to easily pack a nutritious lunch for you and your family. This bento is also great for meal planning and portion control. This container holds five cups of food, allowing you to easily load up on healthy veggies or mid-day snacks. Take this bento to the office, school, on the road, camping or hiking.
  • PERFECT SIZE - The unique three tier system allows you to pack plenty of food in an easy to store versatile container that works well for kids and adults. The box measures 6.7 inches long, 3.2 inches wide and 4.7 inches deep. The bottom compartment is two inches deep and holds 2 cups of food. The second tier is 2.5 inches deep and holds 2 1/4 cups of food. The top tray is half an inch deep and holds half a cup of food. This lunch box easily fits a whole sandwich.
  • CUT DOWN ON WASTE - Not only can this bento be a part of your healthy lifestyle, it also helps the environment by cutting down on waste.
  • SAFETY FIRST - Damp foods like salad or pasta work great, but since there is no plastic wet foods like soups will not travel well in this container, Please remember to never use metal in the microwave.

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