RelaxoBak Original Orthopedic Comfort Seat – Flexible Support that Distributes Weight Evenly to Relieve Tailbone/Spine Pressure, Provide Back Support for Proper Posture & Alignment (Black) (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: RelaxoBak
Model: OSBK
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  • DISTRIBUTES WEIGHT EVENLY: Use on any cushioned seat to evenly distribute your weight and take pressure off of your tailbone, while also providing support for proper posture and alignment.
  • THE ORIGINAL: Sold in doctors' offices and hospitals since 1963, with over 1 million satisfied patients.
  • USE WITH ANY CUSHIONED SEAT: Use this back support and posture correcting seat in your: Car, Office, Home, Plane, etc.
  • CLINICALLY-PROVEN: To help relieve back pain and tailbone and coccyx pain as a posture corrector and back support seat.
  • PROPER SUPPORT: Firm enough to provide proper posture correction and spinal alignment, yet thin and pliable enough to ensure your comfort and to fit any seat

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