Bug Zapper Light Bulb, Bug Bulb with Mosquito Zapping, Bug Killer for Back Yard Covered Patio Porch Garage Barn , UV Lamp Trap 600V Electric Grid Zap 10W E27 LED Cool White Bulb ()

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Manufacturer: Vicksune
Model: ZM-MWD-10W-B
List Price: $30.00
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  • <B>MOSQUITO KILLER:</B> Build in 12 piece purple LED mosquito chips emit powerful attractant ultraviolet rays that attract mosquitoes and other flying insects, Effective coverage area lures insects to the machine within the range of 500ft ,they are zapped by a powerful 600 Volt shock.<BR><BR>
  • <B>2 IN 1: </B> There are 3 modes of this device: lighting, lighting and bug zapper, bug zapper.No noise as a bug zapper, Can be use as regular light bulb or bug zapper ,or both.<BR><BR>
  • <B>EASY TO USE: </B> Can be used indoors/outdoors in any standard bulb fixture, Great for outdoor balcony and garden or other place with rainproof,keep fly bugs out of your house. <BR><BR>
  • <B>Bright Bulb:</B> 10W E27 LED bulb,1000lm brightness, energy saving, unique design LED driver, ensure the bulb lifespan.<BR><BR>
  • <B>LONG LASTING:</B> No need to replace frequently ,40,000 hours of light and bug zapping. <BR><BR>

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