Maven Gifts: In the Breeze Garden Spinner Bugs 2-Pack – Multicolored Baby Butterfly Garden Spinner with Red Baby Ladybug Garden Spinner (Toy)

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  • GARDEN FUN: In the Breeze's fun, whimsical Baby Bug Garden Spinners will add a dash of kinetic energy and a pop of color to your garden, flower pots, planters, and more! Maven Gifts has paired the Baby Butterfly and the Baby Ladybug together at a great value to help you save.
  • OUTDOOR DURABILITY: These spinners have fiberglass forms and plastic connectors so they will not rust in the rain. The polyester fabric is designed to withstand years of outdoor display in rain or shine. It is stain, mildew, and UV resistant, and the colorful details have been silkscreened.
  • MESMERIZING MOTION: Each Baby Bug has 4 spinning wings that create a mesmerizing blur of color. Even the slightest wind will make them appear to be working hard and high in flight. Collect them all and watch your garden or front yard come to life!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: For simple and easy assembly, simply insert the fiberglass tips of the wings into the marked diagonal holes on the rotating hub. For use in extremely high winds, we recommend using high-strength glue (not included) to secure wings to hubs.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Includes (2) Garden Spinners, Baby Butterfly (#2800) and Baby Ladybug (#2802). Each has a 12-inch diameter wing span, 17-inch long body and a 17-inch tall fiberglass pole.

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