Heavy Duty Leather Hole Punch Tool – Revolving For Quick Size Adjustment Plier – 6 Sizes Puncher -By Katzco (Misc.)

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  • USE FOR: leather, gaskets, paper, plastic, vinyl, cloth, etc. makes this leather punch perfect for home hobby or commercial use
  • IDEAL FOR: adding belt holes! So your belt is still good and useful Comfortable grip handle sharp and strong cutting end makes it easy to use you'll get nice and clean punch holes looks professional and precise Squeeze the handle firmly with ease until the punch pierces through the leather
  • WHAT IS IT DOING: Head revolves for quick size adjustment Revolving head clicks into place convenient and confident use Tubes are all heat treated large punch plate keeps material in a stable position giving you more control over it
  • HIGH QUALITY: This durable puncher is made of plated steel with six tapered and hollow hardened steel punches; Revolving punch features sizes range from: 5/64" 3/32" 7/64" 1/8" 5/32" 3/16" With that commutable handle you'll have more punching power with much less hand strength needed makes it easy to Squeeze and Punch a Clean Hole. Easily Punches Perfect Round Holes
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Katzco will make sure that you will be satisfied with this set you buy from us. You are protected with our 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee for either a replacement or refund. We care about only putting out high quality products that satisfy your needs. If there is anything you need that we don't offer, we go and find the best for you.

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