HQRP Multicolor Pair of Solar Powered Flying Fluttering Butterflies for Garden Plants Flowers + HQRP UV Chain (Red+Yellow) (Tools & Home Improvement)

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  • HQRP® Pair of Solar Flying Fluttering Butterflies (Yellow & Red) on the one stake Powered by Sun or AA Battery plus HQRP® UV Chain / UV Health Meter;
  • Beautiful butterflies that flutter their wings hovering above your favourite flower and occasionally flying all the way
  • around it - simply amazing and looks incredibly realistic! The small solar panel converts the
  • sun energy into energy for the butterfly and the brighter the weather the more active her flying is.
  • When the skies darken you can switch the energy source to the backup AA battery (not included). Due to the position of the 2 butterflies, they will be fluttering in the wind like a spinner, even with no sun and battery being off. 100 days warranty!

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