24 Pack of Mighty Gadget (R) Screw Top Round Steel Tin Cans (2 oz) ()

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Manufacturer: Mighty Gadget
Model: SYNCHKG103029
List Price: $16.98
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  • You will receive 24 pcs of Mighty Gadget (R) High Quality 2oz Screw Top Round Steel Tin Cans. Dimensions: 2 7/16" in diameter & 13/16" in depth
  • These containers come with screw-top lids and are made of tin plated steel
  • Tin cans have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed from .24mm metal
  • The products are shipped assembled and ready to use
  • Mighty Gadget (R) is a US Registered Trademark and is exclusively sold by Mighty Gadget (USA Merchant). Genuine Mighty Gadget products must have our Mighty Gadget logo and/or tags on the inside or outside of our product packages.

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