Amethyst Earrings 02 Purple Crystal 10mm Spheres on Spiritual Tuning Fork Dangle Design 2" (Gift Box) (Jewelry)

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Manufacturer: Satin Crystals
Model: amethystearrings02
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  • Measures: 2" H each (10mm stones)
  • Chakra Balancing: Crown
  • Includes: One pair of earrings in a Satin Crystals gift box (box colors vary)
  • Amethyst is a very spiritual crystal, aligning you with universal energy and life purpose. Aids anger, insomnia, headache. Crown Chakra.
  • This beautiful pair of crystal earrings is made from genuine amethyst gemstones. The stones are round with deep purple tone and natural patterns. They are suspended upon fun tuning fork designed silver metal and hooks. The earrings comes in a gift-ready Satin Crystals box. Receive one pair per order, from a limited hand select collection.

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Created: 02 Apr 14:12
Updated: 26 Jul 12:16