Lumintrail PD-882B MTB BMX Road Mountain Bike Bicycle Platform Pedals Big Foot Flat Alloy 9/16" inch(Black) ()

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Manufacturer: Lumintrail
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  • Light weight - suitable for long-distance riding; Anti-skid pins - Anti-skid design for aluminum cage, better for riding or racing.
  • Stable - This is the ideal pedal for road racing and recreational cycling because it offers excellent riding experience. The wider pedal platform makes for brilliant foot/pedal stability with wider cleats and binding mechanism for better shoe/pedal contact, especially for large feet
  • Robust Materials - Made of solid and dependable aluminum alloy for a longer lifespan. Fashionable - The sleek design and color options make this pedal a stylish addition to your bike.
  • Safe - Hard spindles produce strong grips to your bicycle to help prevent a sudden disconnection.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - Industry Leading Lifetime Guarantee!

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