Tuff Apron™ Blue Heavy Duty Waterproof with Neck Adjuster Durable Long Kitchen Dishwashing Bib 41" x 27" PVC Vinyl (Kitchen)

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Manufacturer: Tuff Apron™
Model: COMINHKPR104957
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  • Heavy duty waterproof apron with adjustable neck strap
  • Easy-fit adjustable neck strap and long waist ties - providing a perfect custom fit for men and women
  • Made from light-weight, durable vinyl with reinforced nylon straps. Machine wash cold; hang dry; iron back side on low setting
  • Long and flexible - provides comfortable protection at work or home
  • 41" long and 27" wide, 30" waist ties, 14 oz

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Created: 01 Apr 08:12
Updated: 26 Jul 00:23