LEMON BALM Cold Sore & Shingles Salve! 1 Oz, Quickly soothe Blisters, Rashes, Herpes, Molluscum, Bug Bites, Chicken Pox. Suppress future outbreaks. 100% Natural. "Goodbye, itchy red bumps!" (Health and Beauty)

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  • Quickly soothe Cold Sores, Shingles, Rashes, Bug Bites, Chicken Pox, Skin Wounds. Regular use will lessen outbreak frequency. NOTE: We are upgrading our packaging! The smaller clear Anti-Viral labeled jar is being upgraded to the double wall white Blister Soothing label jar. The product is EXACTLY the same!
  • "Goodbye, itchy red bumps!" Lemon Balm is the most powerful natural, herbal remedy for the treatment of outbreaks. 100% Natural. Made in USA!
  • Soothes sores by taking the fire and itch away. Drastically reduces healing time. Helps stop the spread of blisters.
  • * NOTE: The key to success with this product is to use a TINY BIT, but very FREQUENTLY. It is the REPEATED application of a TINY bit of Lemon Balm that helps! 100% Natural, Vegan formula. Concentrated - a TINY BIT goes a long way. In a base of pure Shea Butter, we add Lemon Balm, Tea Tree and Peppermint. Amazing scent! Relieves pain & burning, and promotes fast healing of tissues.
  • Drug Free Alternative! Safe for children! GENTLE and soothing - takes the angry itch and burn away. A very helpful natural herbal remedy! Now available in a handy ROLL-ON bottle in our Amazon Store!

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