Hair Illusion Human Hair Fibers Not Synthetic Spray, Dark Brown (Health and Beauty)

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Manufacturer: HAIR ILLUSION - 100% Natural Human Hair FibersNot Synthetic For Men & Women, Premium Hair Building Formulation, Dark Brown 18g
Model: HIDB18G
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  • **NATURAL HAIR FIBERS** Check other hair fibers ingredients. We use 1 ingredient 100% natural human hair.
  • ** 38g BOTTLE ** DON'T BE FOOLED BY PRICE. Less expensive hair fibers are only using 12-15g bottle.
  • ** NOTHING LOOKS MORE NATURAL THAN REAL HAIR** You can't fake real hair with synthetic fibers made with cotton and rayon.
  • ** IF IT WASN'T PERFECT I WOULDN'T USE IT MYSELF ** I guarantee you will be amazed with the natural look.
  • ** 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE** You have nothing to loose with out no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

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