MOKOQI Hair Straightener Pro Natural Silky Straight Hair Styles Comb with Anion Moisturizing Hydrating Care Brush Anti-Scald Anti-Static Ceramic Detangling Hair Iron Treatment Massager (Pink) (Misc.)

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Manufacturer: MOKOQI
Model: MOKOQI-0326
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  • [STRAIGHT HAIR IN MINUTES] Heating to the appropriate temperature rapidly and evenly , so straight hair in just minutes with hair care,Just brush.
  • [FLEXIBEL TEMPERATURES] Digital LCD display electric hot comb tool feature variable heat temperatures to match your specific hair type.
  • [ANION HAIR CARE] Moisturizing Hydrating Care ,Simply brush as normal after showering or bathing,make knotted and matted hair Silky Straight .
  • [UNIQUE CURVED DESIGN] MOKOQI handle and bristles are ergonomically designed to work ,Brush in downward strokes allowing the unique cone bristles to work with your motions, separating hair sideways as you brush.
  • [GOOD QUALITY] Ceramic Hair Straightener Comb is made with the highest quality materials and come to you free of parabens or any harmful plastics.

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