Añejo Ice Pick for Kitchen 7-inch - Stainless Steel Ice Chipper with Wood Handle , Japanese Style Ice Crusher ideal for Bars, Bartender. Best Carving Tool. ()

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Manufacturer: Golden Brands
Model: IP1
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  • ICE MATTERS! A large block melts slower and will keep a drink at a consistent cool, but not too cold, while ice crushed into smaller pieces quickly cools and waters down drinks.
  • ANVIL HAMMER HEAD cracks blocks of ice almost effortless, It's sharp tip allows for ice-sculpting. This will be your favorite Bar tool. You might find yourself busting ice up for no reason.
  • COMBO ice crusher will break chunks of ice from your freezer, ice machine, or other source while the sharp tip allows for precise ice sculpting. Great for bars, kitchens use and Frozen Bulk Foods.
  • GREAT addition to your Barware Collection. Dimensions: 7"L (Handle and anvil 4"L, Stainless steel prong 3"L), anvil 2.25"W.
  • NO RISK 100% Money Back Guarantee. Made of premium 18/8 SS sturdy and durable. Hand wash only.

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