Finalmouse Scream One - Classic Blue - Second Edition (Electronics)

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Manufacturer: Finalmouse
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  • Developed in tandem with Adil "Scream" Benrlitom, the S1 was built to surpass every esports performance benchmark
  • The S1 boasts the all new pmw3360 esports sensor. With a higher framerate, integrated illumination, and enhanced tracking ability
  • Firmware for the S1's NXP chipset was developed in-house to ensure every line of code pushed the mouse to its performance limits
  • The S1 is the lightest Finalmouse built to date; with improved internal components, side buttons, and 20m switches
  • <1ms click latency, 1ms fully consistent report rate, exact 1:1 burst motion reads, zero sensor delay, zero prediction, zero acceleration

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