Lifeyard 46" Expanded Heavy Duty Metal Mesh Commercial Picnic Table Attached with Seats,Round,Green ()

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Manufacturer: Lifeyard
Model: AG4HUP7
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  • Thermoplastic coating has created a high quality metal picnic table designed especially for outdoor commercial use.Perfect for use in pubic areas,national parks,restaurant patios,and much more.
  • High gloss, smooth surface allows for easy spray paint and graffiti removal.whether you need a picnic table for an outdoor eating area,dining hall or local park,we have the right picnic table for you.
  • Picnic Tables are made using heavy-gauge metal mesh with a green thermoplastic coating on benches and tabletop. This protective coating creates a smooth, high-gloss surface that stays cool to the touch for comfortable seating even in the sun.
  • We shipped this product by UPS with A Tracking Number,It will be arrived during 3 to 7days.We have own warehouse in Los Angles city. So we will delivery your package as soon as possible.

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Created: 27 Mar 08:12
Updated: 26 Jul 12:12