ZESPROKA Kitchen Shelf,Kitchen Pan Pot and Lid Rack,Black ()

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Manufacturer: Zesproka
Model: SD-1J3H-ZYQF
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  • This four story-rack can solve your storage problems for kitchenware, and can also double as a wine rack.
  • When used as a pot rack, it can be placed on top of a cabinet and can store many pots or pieces of kitchenware at once, freeing up space on your kitchen countertop. It can also be used to store pots or bowls when placed within a cabinet.
  • This pot rack also comes with separate hooks for the hanging of lids, and can easily accommodate four lids of different sizes.
  • The rack can be dismantled, and is specially made with wider, thicker material. It is easily set up, and has a high load-bearing capacity. It can easily bear a weight of 40 lb.
  • Size: *12.2in *16.9in 18in

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Created: 27 Mar 04:12
Updated: 26 Jul 00:11