Umbra Flex Drain Stop/Hair Catcher, Surf Blue (Misc.)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Umbra
Model: 023464-276
List Price: CDN$7.00
Min: CDN$7.00   (26 Mar 16:18)
Max: CDN$7.00   (26 Mar 16:18)
ASIN: B01I58T1Q2
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  • A dual functioning hair catcher and drain stop in one from the flex collection by umbra
  • Press the center button to allow water flow and use as a hair catcher. Push on the upturned edges to snap the valve shut and use as a drain stop
  • Easy to care for. Simply wipe or rinse with mild soap
  • Measures 3 1/2 dia. X 1 1/4-inch (8.9 Dia. X 3.2 Cm)
  • Design: Alan Wisniewski and Anthony Keeler

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Created: 26 Mar 16:18
Updated: 26 Mar 16:18