Halo 5: Guardians (Video Game)

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Model: U9Z-00030
List Price: $39.99
Min: $19.00   (05 Feb 06:47)
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  • <b>Xbox Live subscription required for online play.</b>
  • <b>Intense story on a galactic scale:</b> Play as the Master Chief and Spartan Locke across three new worlds.
  • <b>Your team is your weapon:</b> Play solo or with friends in a 4-player co-op experience.
  • <b>Warzone:</b> New, 24-player massive-scale multiplayer mode.
  • <b>Arena:</b> Pure, skill-based 4-vs-4 competitive combat.
  • <b>New rewards system:</b> Earn Requisition Points to redeem for new gear.
  • <b>Extensive multiplayer content:</b> Receive more than 15 new free maps and earn fresh, new content like weapons and gear, each month after launch.

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Updated: 26 Jul 12:49